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Mission Statement

As your financial advisor, I take great pride in striving for you to receive exceptional customer service.  I believe it's my job to help you work towards achieving your long-term goals by spending time with you to identify your objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance, and help you make suitable financial decisions for your future.   

In order to pursue this, I take my clients through an initial process with 2 steps: explain your goals and dreams, and describe what an average day looks like once you’ve retired.  I then gather as much information as possible about your financial situation and your risk tolerance.  Once I’ve analyzed it and created a plan, we meet again so I could present it to you and go over my recommendations. Finally, we will meet together, in person, once or twice a year to discuss the plan, any changes, and the progress you’re made towards those goals.

My goal is not to just give you a plan that’s nice and neat in a binder, which then collects dust on a shelf or takes up space in your drawer.  I want this to be a living financial plan that we both take active ownership of in making it a reality.  I want you to have the best retirement possible, whatever that looks like for you.

Because financial plans often have assets passing on to future generations, I also want to grow the family tree so that as money moves, it’s done as seamlessly and painlessly as possible.  Whether others in your family work with me or not, I hope to engage everyone who will play a part in your financial plan.  That way, when there are questions, there exists a familiarity, and I can help answer those questions in a friendly way!